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About CBA
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About the CBA

The Colorado Bankers Association represents more than 95 percent of the $146 billion in assets within the 131 banks operating in Colorado. On behalf of the 26,105 men and women who work within a regulated, traditional Colorado bank, CBA works with government to continually improve the banking industry in this rapidly changing environment. CBA focuses on improvements that increase benefits for customers, value for shareholders, and a stronger business climate for our local economies. CBA also provides industry-specific information and education to bankers, offers bank insurance, acts as a partner between bankers and servicers, and provides other miscellaneous services. focuses on creating a stronger economy and helping Coloradans realize dreams by building better banks.


CBA History



On July 20, 1892, sixty-one Colorado bankers convened at the chamber of commerce and spoke of organizing the Colorado State Bankers Association. The group operated informally for about a decade, then officially founded the Colorado Bankers Association 1902. The first order of business was to discuss the benefits and setbacks of branch banking, which finally came to a resolution exactly 90 years later with the state’s implementation of branch banking in 1992. CBA was incorporated as a corporation in 1974 and currently operates as a non-profit 501(c)6


Protecting Your Money and Safety

CBA has an interesting and thorough history of fighting to protect the money inside a bank. In the 1910s CBA posted rewards for the capture of wanted “bank bandits.” The association even considered offering a higher reward for turning over dead “bandits” but ultimately decided against the idea. Today, CBA proactively works to keep Coloradans identities safe, and funds secure by actively developing and funding the creation of the Colorado Fraud Investigators (a fraud-specific division of the Colorado Bureau of Investigators) and the nationwide database FraudNet. Sophisticated tools such as these help law enforcement and banks fight the ongoing war against identity theft and fraud.

1930s and 40s

During the 1930’s CBA held very lively and involved discussions around the implementation of bank holidays and the other major changes that occurred as a result of the Great Depression. Then in 1941, with the U.S. entrance into World War II, CBA made the decision to suspend all meetings. That suspension carried through until the end of the war in 1945.


CBA Mission

Since 1892 the Colorado Bankers Association has worked continually to improve the high quality of the Colorado banking industry and to enhance its ability to compete effectively and profitably.

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